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  1. REPLACEMENT AUTOMOTIVE INDICATOR FUSES. LIGHTING FUSE. Replaces the ATO or ATC Non-Illuminating fuses.Provides fast protection for electronics and other small loads. A fuse kit assortment blade (all car types: low profile fuse, mini fuse, standard fuse, maxi fuse, and cartridge type fuse). Auto/car mix box assorted. Try it now!
  2. SMART ILLUMINATED FUSES WITH AN LED INDICATOR. LED indicator inside the fuse to indicate that the fuse is blown, making it easy to detect them in the fuse holder, tucked into dark panels. Ensure easy identification of the blown fuse in need of replacement. Intelligent Fuses light up when the fuse is blown. Try it now!
  3. ELECTRICAL FUSE KITS.  Сonvenient automotive assortment kits mostly for cars. All blade types of fuses. Available for OEM and aftermarket fuse boxes. Mix sets with 100 pcs., 50 pcs., and 10 pcs. And one nominal sets with 10 pcs. and 100 pcs. (available only in the eBay store). And you can collect your own set in our eBay store. Try it now!
  4. SIMPLE AND EASY  Glows when the fuse is blown. You know which one is blown when the light glows. No need to search around for the blown fuse – find it quickly and easily with illuminating fuses. They are equipped with an LED indicator light that remains off while the fuse is functioning correctly but lights up when a break occurs in the circuit. Fast acting. Easy to change. Suitable for Cars, Automobiles, Motorcycles, Trucks, SUV’s, and Boat’s. Try it now!
  5. QUALITY MATERIALS. High grade thermoresistant plastic. Non-melting. It does not spoil on your fuse holder. Zinc alloy terminals corrosion resistance to increase service life and enhanced conductivity. Single bi-directional SMD LED device. High-precision melting point up to a maximum of 32V DC, providing protection from shocks and sparks. Try it now!
  6. OEM INDUSTRY STANDARD. Size complies with the OEM standard SAE J-series, UL, EU RoHS, and REACH. No bulb on the top – the size is correct for the industry standard. Bright diode inside the fuse. Color-coding industry standard. Our fuses the meet OEM and SAE standards. See the quality tests on the specifications page. Try it now!
  7. PREMIUM BOX.  Сonvenient closing box in a 100 pcs. set. Made of high-quality plastic with removable separators.  Try it now!
CARAXSHOP led fuses, glow when blow

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CARAXSHOP led fuses, glow when blow

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CARAXSHOP led fuses, glow when blow


How do you check the fuse in your car?
Smart fuses light up when they are blown.

Bright LED identification of the blown fuse. On the road or even at night, you can easily identify and replace the blown fuse. Find it quickly and easily with the illuminating fuse. Know which one is blown when the light flashes on. A quick look at the fuse holder will tell you where the break is in the circuit. LED indicator inside the fuse to show that the fuse is open, rendering it easy to detect them in the fuse holder, tucked into the dark panels or a dark time. Ensure easy identification of the blown fuse that needs to be replaced. The smart fuses light up when the fuse is blown.
Glow when the fuse is blown.
They are equipped with an LED indicator light that remains off while the fuse is properly functioning, but lights up when a break occurs in the circuit. Fast acting. Easy to change.
Sets of 100 pieces are equipped with a PREMIUM plastic box with removable partitions for convenient storage of the fuses.

CARAXSHOP led fuses, glow when blow


Quality materials for protecting your car’s electrical wiring and electrical equipment.

High-quality heat-resistant plastic works perfectly at maximum load (close to nominal amperage) for a long period of time. The blown fuse will not damage a fuse holder with high-quality heat-resistant plastic of up to 32V DC, providing maximum protection. It does not melt. It will not spoil the fuse board. All the test results are viewable on the Specification page.
Zinc alloy terminals for corrosion resistance. They increase service life and increase conductivity. One bi-directional SMD LED for exhibiting a burnt fuse.
Our fuses comply with the OEM and SAE standards and retain all the necessary certificates. It provides broad supplies to the automotive industry in Japan.

CARAXSHOP led fuses, glow when blow

Compliance with standards – non-oversize with an additional lamp.

Size complies with the OEM standard and SAE J-series. All certificates retained.
No bulb on the top – bright diode inside the fuse.
All fuse sizes are fully in accordance with the industry standard. You can be sure of correct fuse size for your car. The intelligent fuse will install in the fuse holder easily and the cover of the fuse board will close normally without oversize height for the fuse lamp.
Color-coding according to the industry standard. 

Funny clip on LED fuses.

How will Santa Сlaus find me? How do I catch Santa?
Lifehack for collecting a Christmas garland with daddy from diode fuses.